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Dr. Prashanth G

Professor Department of General Medicine 

“Welcome to Basaveshwara College of Physiotherapy.”

Physiotherapy is the modern scientific physical therapeutic system of medicine for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment with the global aim of improving functional independence. The aim of Basaveshwara College of Physiotherapy is to give out Physiotherapists, who are excellent therapists in a variety of health care delivery systems. In order to meet its obligation in teaching, research, scholarly activities, the practice of service, the Basaveshwara College of Physiotherapy, strives to maintain high-quality faculty who are excellent teachers and expert practitioners, whose contributions are remarkable in the field of physiotherapy. It is important for me to continue with the college’s efforts to expand and improve the quality of education for all students. Beyond that, we will continue to support and encourage the many life-enriching events, activities, and programs which provide you with a well-rounded educational experience. Students are encouraged to represent themselves in various activities such as academic, sports and cultural programs and participation in all major areas is emphasized upon to build in them managerial and leadership traits from the very beginning. I wish you the best career in your future life.

Dr Prashanth G
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