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About Department

The subject of Anatomy introduces students to the study of structure and internal architecture of tissues and organs of the human body, and forms the basis for the study of medical sciences. The department has a well designed dissection hall and a well equipped histology laboratory. In addition, it has two fully furnished demonstration rooms with AV aids and a spacious research laboratory. A large and spacious museum has exhibits covering a wide range of dissected specimens, charts, bones, joints, models, X-rays and CT & MRI films.


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  1. To achieve academic excellence through innovative teaching and quality research.

  2. To provide Need based medical education, including the use of Information technology for the training of staff and students.

  3. To achieve better results in the university examination

  4. To have continuous assessment of both the students and staff to improve the quality of teaching.

Anatomy Highlights:

Our Core Competencies:

  • Cadaveric dissection

  • Video recording and demonstration

  • Histology tissue processing

  • Ordinary and special staining techniques

  • Museum specimen preparation

  • Applied and Clincal anatomy

  • Research in Basic sciences

  • Anthropology studies

  • Comparative anatomy and evolution of man

Teaching Program

For the undergraduate teaching and training, didactic lectures, dissection of cadavers and histology slide demonstartions are conducted. Periodical class tests and three internal assessment examinations, both in theory and practical, are conducted regularly. For the postgraduate teaching and training, periodical seminars, journal clubs and PG lectures are planned. Sufficient numbers of donated cadavers are available for every student.

  • The well trained and dedicated teaching faculty have adopted measures like small group teaching, viva-voce discussions, model based teaching and Problem Based Learning.

  • Integrated teaching is being carried out by both vertical and horizontal integration.

  • AV Aids– including live demo of dissection steps are used effectively and are followed by hands on participation by the students.

  • Museum specimens and mannequins are promoted as additional learning tool.

Meet Our Team


Dr. Maj (Retd) Patil Shrish


Professor & HOD


Dr. Mahesh G.M




Dr. Siraj Ahmed Shirbadgi




Dr. Mahalakshmi Chitragar


Assistant Professor


Dr. Ashok Kumar J

BPT, M.Sc, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor


Dr. Ashok Kumar J

BPT, M.Sc, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor



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