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President Message

His Holiness Dr. Sri Shivamuruthy Murugha Sharanaru is the present pontiff of the Math, Who was coronated in the Holy throne on 31st January, 1991, as successor of Sri Mallikarjuna Murugharajendra Swamiji. He is known for His sober, sincere and spiritual attitudes and aptitudes. Being the head of a religious institution that draws millions, he is the dispenser of justice whose word is law.  As the president of the Society, he is the guiding spirit and driving force behind the institution.  His vision of an educational model that blends the best of tradition and modernity has proved to be the most appropriate one for our culture and times.

Putting Value Into Education.

The Vision Leader: Poojya  Dr. Sri Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru
Dr Sri Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru
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