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Meet Our Team

Dr. Channa Reddy H


Professor & HOD

Dr. Palakshaiah L


Professor & Medical Superintendent

Dr.Anil S Nelivigi



Dr. Gururaj Meravanige


Assistant Professor

Dr.Venkatasiva Reddy N


Assistant Professor

Dr.Tulaja Prasad P V

MBBS., D.Ortho., DNB.,

Assistant Professor

Dr. Naveena Jyothi H


Assistant Professor

Dr.Anilkumar T Bennur

MBBS., D.Ortho., DNB.,

Assistant Professor

Dr.Sujith B S


Assistant Professor

Dr.Ravi H Rangareddy


Senior Resident

Dr.Dharanish I

MBBS., D.Ortho. DNB.,

Senior Resident

Dr.Ramachandra Reddy K

MBBS., D.Ortho. DNB.,

Senior Resident

Dr.Sachin N


Junior Resident

Dr.Akashkumar Kadadinni


Junior Resident/PG

Dr.Praveen Y Kuri


Junior Resident/PG


About Department


The Department was established at BMCH, as part of the M.B.B.S Course, later the department expanded and introduced MS program with a focus on sub-specialization training. The faculty is encouraged to train in arthroplasty, arthroscopy and spine surgery which aids in providing advanced orthopedic care to patients. The department caters to central Karnataka.

Operation Theater
  • The department has a state-of the art orthopaedic operation theatre for super specialty surgeries and general orthopaedic operations and is equipped with all instruments & implants for round the clock emergency and trauma surgeries. The department is supported by an intensive care unit & surgical ICU with ventilators for the critically ill patients

Faculty Services
  • The Department provides excellent training opportunities for clinical training and adopts learner centric methods of education such as small group discussions, simulation training and student seminars. Specialty clinics like CTEV Clinic, spine clinic, arthroplasty and arthroscopy clinic run simultaneously on OPD days. The department has roped in the services of a counselor who will liaise with surgeons and help the patients to avail best treatment solutions and assist with their insurance formalities.

Patient Care
  • 24 hour emergency trauma care.

  • Well equipped operation theatre with all modern equipments.

  • Physiotherapy

  • Well established Artificial limb centre

Investigation Facility
  • Digital X- Ray / PACS

  • Joint and soft tissue USG.

  • 3D CT scan and MRI.

Treatment Facility
  • Trauma care

  • Shoulder, hip, knee arthroscopy

  • Hip and knee arthroplasty

  • Pediatric orthopedic surgery

  • Deformity correction and ilizarov

Teaching Program

The department is involved in regular teaching program for MBBS and physiotherapy students. Department has got 2 post graduate seats. PG students are involved in OPD patient’s evaluation, in patients work up and assisting operations. There is a well-structured teaching program both in the class room and at the skill lab. The department possesses a well-equipped skill lab where the students are given hands on training in orthopedic procedures.

  • Teaching Activities

  • Journal club, Case discussion

  • Seminar 1 / week

  • Inter departmental meeting with radiology & Pathology

Equipment at Operation Theatre
  • General orthopaedic instruments

  • Dynamic compression hip screw set

  • External fixator sets ­ Aesculap

  • Spinal surgery set

  • Instrumentation for internal fixation of all Bones

  • Instrumentation and prosthosis for hemiarthoplasty of hip

  • Arthroscope with facilities for diagnostics and surgical procedure (Karl Storz) for ACL and meniseal surgeries.

  • Harrington instrumentation set

  • O. instrumentation set for both 3.5 mm and 4.5 mm Sourer

  • Watson Jones fracture table

  • Intramedullary Interlocking Nail set

  • C ‘Arm’ image intensifier – Seimeni

  • Joshi’s external stabilisation system for hand and Correction of CTEV

  • Total hip instrumentation set and implants

  • Cannulated screw instruments

  • Instruments for locking plate fixation

  • K. Interlocking nails (Howmedica) for Tibia & Fibula

  • Basic Iuzarov instrumentation for Tibia & Fibula

Equipment at O.P.D. and Wards
  • Thomas splint – 20

  • Bohler braun splint – 10

  • Cervical traction apparatus – 10

  • Pelvic traction belts – 10

  • Portable X-ray machine – 2

  • Traction weights – 5 sets

  • Water Beds – 3

  • Plaster of Paris removal equipment

  • Slide projector – 1

  • Overhead projector – 2

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