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About Department

The department of ophthalmology was established in the year 2000 coinciding with the Undergraduate MBBS programme which was started in the same year.

The department is headed by Dr. Padma Jothi MS, Dr. Sunil G being the professor, Dr. Prabhudeva H and Dr. Rajesh S Additional Professors, Dr. Prashanth G and Dr. Eswarappa K B Assistant Professors and Dr. Nuthan Babu & Gururaj A N being the Senior Resident.

The department is committed to provide quality tertiary level eye care at an affordable cost to patients, and at the same time conduct various community health programme for the underprivileged.

The postgraduate students in the department have an excellent blend of academics and surgical opportunities.

The greatest strength of the department are the staff who are committed to provide these services without any self interest.

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The department is well equipped with all modern facilities required in diagnosis and treatment of various eye diseases such as, Operating microscopes, Phacoemulsification units, Vitrectomy, Ophthalmic lasers, Fundus Camera, Ophthalmic Scans, Automated Perimetry etc.

The Ophthalmology department is actively involved in all health schemes offered by Basaveshwara Hospital such as 24 hours emergency services and OPD facilities. The department regularly conducts all types of ophthalmic surgeries such as Phacoemulsification, Corneal transplantation, Vitreo Retinal Surgeries, Glaucoma, Squint and Occuloplasty surgeries etc.

The department is actively engaged in community services which includes regular eye camps on all Sundays and also on certain weekdays. The department has collaboration with NGOst in conducting these community services. The department is also committed to screen the school children for any eye disorders and treat them accordingly.


Research Thrust Areas

The main research areas in the department is currently involved in are

  • Limbal stem cell harvesting, cultivation and its clinical application.

  • Influence of glycaemic status on various corneal parameters in diabetics.

  • Aqueous humor analysis and evaluation of changes in ionic concentrations in patients with cataract

  • Over the last five years the department has achieved remarkable success in various community eye care programmes and high quality of post graduate training programme

Meet Our Team

Dr. Prabhudeva H


Professor & HOD

Dr. Eswarappa K B


Assistant Professor

Dr. Prashanth B


Assistant Professor

Dr. Sai Sushma Y


Assistant Professor

​​Dr. Nuthan Babu B


Senior Resident

Dr. Gururaj A N


Senior Resident

Dr. Nagashree B N


Junior Resident/PG

Dr. Sheema Mariyam K M


Junior Resident/PG

Dr. Smitha B T


Junior Resident/PG


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