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Digital Library Services

Internet Provider

Rail Wire


200 MBPS



Computers with Internet browsing facility provided at the second floor. This facility are meant to be used free of cost by the faculty, residents and students only for browsing the Internet for their academic, research and patient care related matters.

  1. Internet connectivity with 200 MBPS bandwidth from Rail Wire is provided to all the faculty and staff on wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) devices throughout the campus.

  2. Printing, scanning, copying and downloading facilities are available for the students and faculty members.

  3. Free Internet access with Wi-Fi facilities

  4. Library OPAC

  5. E-books (CDs)

  6. E-books (online)

  7. Online full text Journals

  8. Drug Information databases

  9. Institutional repository using the D Space open source software.,

Library Services

  1. Circulation Service

  2. Reference Service

  3. Current Awareness Services

  4. Reprography

  5. Book Bank

  6. Digital Library

  7. Audio Visual Room

  8. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

  9. User Orientation service

  10. Information display & notification

  11. Departmental Library

  12. Newspaper Clippings

  13. CD/ROM and DVD’s

  14. Printing

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